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A Description of MAC21
Can Arizona be competitive in the 21st Century Global Economy? What infrastructure components must be in place for Arizona to compete? The Arizona Chapter of the American Planning Association (AzAPA) has initiated the MAC21 “Making Arizona Competitive: 21st Century Infrastructure” to answer those questions.

What is 21st Century Infrastructure?
When we think of “infrastructure” we typically think of public improvements, such as water lines, sanitary sewer lines and streets.  To compete in the 21st Century Global Economy, Arizona communities must "think outside the box” by broadening the definition of infrastructure to include components such as: open space and natural ecological systems; green development; climate change and adaptation; multi-modal transportation systems; energy systems; communication systems; education; employment opportunities; health care; and neighborhood vitality.  These infrastructure components, along with several other components, are included in the definition of 21st Century Infrastructure.
The MAC21 Project (not originally identified as MAC21) was initiated in November, 2008.  A group of planners met with representatives of the ASU Decision Theater to discuss how ASU might be able to collaborate with AzAPA to address a major planning issue.  The initial discussion focused on addressing the issue of regional planning.  However, recognizing the ULI Reality Check Project was continuing with the regional planning issue, the Committee shifted its discussion to the issue of the National and state economies and the long-term impacts on the planning profession and the future of planning in Arizona.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the MAC21 Project is to provide a forum for a state-wide discussion of how the Arizona economy can, and must be changed. 

GOAL:The goal is to identify what infrastructure must be in place to make Arizona competitive in the 21st Century Global Economy, identify implementation strategies, and provide the tools needed to accomplish the goal

APA Arizona MAC21 Priority Initiatives

The MAC21 Project has identified the following priority areas to focus on:

  • Balancing Growth and Water Resources
  • Facilitating New Energy Technologies
  • Linking Land Use, Transportation and Economic Development
  • Designing Healthy Communities
  • Natural Environment 


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