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Michael Zornes
Urban and Environmental Planning

Deirdre Whitehead
Economic Development/Governmental Research

David Neal, AICP, CFM
Planning & Zoning

Siyuan Han
Internship Position

Andrew Ruegg
Urban/Environmental Planning

Shruti Dalal
Urban/Environmental Planning

Brandon Stocksdale
Urban/Environmental Planning

James Gardner
Urban/Environmental Planning

Daniel Barusch
Urban/Environmental Planning

Brittney Topel
Urban Planning

Lorenzo Mastino
Urban/Environmental Planning

Joshua Smit
Entry Level/Internship

Pamela Gayles
Entry Level Planner/Intern

Andrew Wheeler
Entry Level Planner

Donald Kelly
Urban/Environmental Planning

Michael Samples
Entry Level

Francis Reilly
Land Planner I

Melissa Sue McClure
Entry Level

Lee Jimenez
Entry Level/Environmental/Urban

Greg Welch-Rowland
Project Analyst/Manager

Kristoffer Van Atten
Urban/Environmental Planning

J. Patrick Murphy
Senior Planner

Paul E. Michaud, AICP
Land Use Planner

Ibrahim Abdelbasir, AP
Planner/Project Design

Jeffrey Conkle
Planner/Project Manager

Phillip James Garthright, AICP
Real Estate, Entitlements, City Planning

Steven L. Brown, AICP
Community Development

Kamron Brown

David John Alameddin, AICP, LEED AP
Urban Design/Site Planning/Entitlements


To post an internship opportunity, please send a Word document describing the details of the opportunity to: info@azplanning.org. There is no fee associated with this service to the members of the Arizona Chapter of the American Planning Association.


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