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Tips and Tricks for Navigating the Certification Maintenance Program

CMprogramThe Certification Maintenance program officially began on January 1, 2008. Please note that additional CM program elements will be rolled out during the month of January, such as program exemptions and an improved CM activity search feature on our website. In the meantime, the Arizona Chapter of the American Planning Association wishes to provide some helpful information for its members navigating the requirements of the CM program.

IMPORTANT message from APA (National) about their Certification Maintenance Website

Please visit www.planning.org/cm for complete CM information.
To log your credits visit the following link: http://www.planning.org/cm/log/

1. Enter your User ID and Password
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page entitled “Certification Maintenance Program for AICP Members” and click “Report new CM Credits”
3. A box will appear asking you to search for available credits. The easiest way to locate the workshops/conferences for which you would like to enter credits is to enter “APA Arizona Chapter” in the field entitled: Keyword (Provider, Event Name or Presenter). Alternatively, you may enter the date on which the workshop was offered and the specific city in which it was offered. Note: It takes a brief moment for the resulting list to appear.
4. Workshop/conference session choices will appear below the search box. Click on the name of the workshop/session you attended and another box requesting your evaluation of the offering will appear. Complete that box and click “Add” at the bottom left hand corner of the box.
5. Another box entitled “Pending CM Credits” will appear asking you to verify that you have earned the credits and accurately reported them. Check the verification box and then click “Submit.”
6. This takes you back to the page entitled “Certification Maintenance Program for AICP Members,” and you will start the process over for the next workshop/session.

FAICP Members

Arizona is proud to recognize our Fellows:

Trevor Barger
Barbara Becker
Teree L. Bergman
Dean P. Brennan
Arlan M. Colton
Patrick J. Cusick, Jr.
Leslie Dornfeld
Jim Holway, Ph.D.
John B. McNamara
Joy A. Mee
Sarah S. More
Arthur C. Nelson
Ray Quay
Ronald N. Short
Jay M. Stein, Ph.D.
Vernon D. Swaback
Debra Z. Sydenham
Emily Talen
William L. Towler
M. Margo Wheeler

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